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Choosing a day nursery for the first time can be a little daunting and we understand that you will probably have many questions.


How early do I need to put my child’s name down to attend Plantos?

We recommend that you enrol as soon as possible to secure your place as the nursery fills up very fast.

How do I book a place for my child?

There are a few options, you can

  • Call us on 02920 798333



Alternatively, you can book a place via our online booking form on the parent App. To secure your place there is a non-refundable administration fee of £100 which also covers your child’s settling-in sessions.

Can my child visit the nursery prior to starting?

To ensure a smooth transition into nursery we recommend at least two free settling-in visits for all children to enable them to adapt to their new surroundings and to meet staff and children in the room. Where possible, we suggest this is done over 1-2 weeks to ensure there is time if required, to increase the number of visits.

What should my child bring to nursery?
  • A named bag, not too large
  • A change of clothes, including underwear if potty training. Please include wellies, raincoats, sunscreen, and hats (suitable for the season). Please label everything clearly with your child’s name.
  • EpiPen or any other type of long-term medicine if your child has an allergy or medical condition that requires this. All medicine needs to be prescribed and labeled with your child’s name and clear instructions.
  • Enough nappies
  • Formula milk or breast milk if still used unless you have requested the nursery to provide the formula milk on your behalf (up to 12 months only).
What are your opening times?

We open from 7:30am – 6:00pm every weekday. We are open 52 weeks of the year and only close on bank holidays. There may be reduced hours over the Christmas period.


Are all staff DBS checked?

Yes, all staff must have a clear enhanced DBS check completed when they first start working at Plantos. DBS checks are then renewed every three years.

Do all staff hold relevant early years qualifications?

Our staff are qualified or working towards a Level 3 in early years development or higher. Many have level 5. Staff have received PlayWork training too.

What are the staff to child ratios at Plantos?

The ratios, as outlined by the Care Inspectorate for Wales are; 0-2 years – 1:3, 2-3 years – 1:4 and over 3 years 1:8

Are the same staff based in each room for continuity?

We have set staff in each room on a daily basis and when staff are on holiday or absent due to illness we place familiar staff who cover within the nursery so there remains continuity for each child. Each room has an experienced and fully qualified team leader too. There is a key-worker system.

Are your staff First Aid trained?

We attend regular first aid courses for all our staff and our aim is to ensure everyone is paediatric first aid trained within a short time of starting at Plantos. This will be aligned with the new NMS by November 2024.


How will my child sleep at nursery and where?

For younger babies we have cots and as children get older we use sleep mats. Every child has their own bedding which is laundered daily.

How do staff get children to sleep?

Staff sit with children and rub their tummy, back or stroke their heads. This is optional, if you would like your child to go to sleep by themselves you should let a member of staff know.

How old are babies when they are moved from sleeping in a cot to a sleep mat?

Only the baby room use cots, so as part of the transition process the staff in the baby room will speak to you as a parent about moving your child from sleeping in a cot to a sleeping mat when they are in the tots room.

Do children have their own bedding at Plantos and how often is this washed?

Yes, we provide each child with a blanket and sheet at nursery. We have a laundry room onsite and bedding is washed and dried daily. You can supply your own should you wish.

My child has a set routine, how will this fit into nursery life?

When children start at Plantos, we follow their routines to ensure there is a smooth transition from home life to nursery. We work with you to ensure there is continuity of care. There is an “All about me” form which we will ask you to complete.


What times are meal and snack times?

Breakfast around 8:30am
Snack around 10:00am
Lunch served around 11:00-11:45am
Afternoon tea served between 3:00-4:00pm

What happens if my baby is not yet weaned when they start nursery?

At Plantos, we work with you as a parent to discuss weaning stages and we would follow your routine from home as you introduce new foods to your child. We also have a weaning menu in place for children who are just starting the weaning process.

Is the food cooked freshly on the nursery premises on a daily basis?

We have a qualified cook, who prepares all the food on the nursery premises with fresh ingredients, with no added sugar or salt. We have a 4-weekly menu which we also change seasonally. Our Chef is qualified in food preparation and food safety. See our food information page.

Where do children eat their meals?

Children sit around the tables within their age specific room. Mealtimes are very sociable times and the staff will sit with the children and model good table manners.

Do you have a Vegan, Halal or Kosher options on your menus?

We offer a vegetarian option daily and can accommodate non-lactose, and allergen free menus.

Do I need to supply any food?

We ask you to provide breast milk for babies if you are still breastfeeding or we can provide formula milk on your behalf. We provide cow’s milk or an alternative lactose-free option.


How will my child’s progress be tracked throughout nursery?

Every child is allocated a key person and it is this person who develops a special bond with that child. They are based in the room that the child attends and complete the child’s learning development journal through observation and link each child’s progress within the learning framework. They are also the person who tends to send you the daily updates on the Parent App.

How often does Plantos hold parents evening?

We hold at least one parents’ evening each year but you can book an appointment or have a chat with your child’s key person at any time. You are also able to take home your child’s work at any time to have a peek and see what they are enjoying at nursery. Parent open afternoons are held too so you can pop in to see us all.

My child has additional learning needs and disability, can they still attend Plantos?

Of course, we are a fully inclusive nursery and will adapt our care to the individual needs of each child who attends, where possible.

Do you have connections and relationships with surrounding schools?

The nursery works in partnership with local schools to ensure a smooth transition from nursery to school. School is not mandatory until reception class when your child is four, and we welcome all children who do not attend school nursery class.


How secure is the nursery?

The nursery has a secure door entry system with fob recognition software which only allows designated staff entry into the building.

How often will my child go outside to play?

We go outside in all-weathers and where children have direct access to the outdoors they go out very frequently throughout the day. Where children do not have direct access to the outdoors we have timetabled times for children to go out to play both in the morning and during the afternoon.

Do you go for trips/walks?

Yes, we go out on local walks often to the local parks or to visit the library. We also arrange group specific trips throughout the year.


How can I pay my nursery fees?

We accept payment by bank transfer, childcare vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare. We do not accept cash, card payments or cheques.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Plantos is registered with most childcare voucher companies for parents who receive childcare vouchers through work. The Tax-Free Childcare system has now replaced vouchers.

Do I need to pay a deposit/admin fee to secure my child’s place?

We ask for a £100 non-refundable Booking-in fee to secure a child’s place at Plantos, this covers at least two settling-in sessions when your child starts nursery.


Do you offer any funded places?

We deliver the Childcare Offer for 3 year olds which saves you money off your monthly invoice. At Plantos, we can offer 17.5 hours funded per week and this increases to 30 hours per week during 9 weeks of the school holidays.

Is there any family discount available if you have more than one child attending the nursery?

Yes, if you have siblings at nursery, the eldest sibling will have a 10% reduction in fees. There is also a further twin discount.

How is my invoice calculated?

The number of sessions or days each child does per week is added together and then multiplied by 51 weeks and then divided by 12 to generate a set monthly invoice which has a fixed value each month. It is calculated differently for a term-time placement (39 weeks over 11 months).

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