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Outdoor Learning

At Plantos we recognise that Outdoor Play is a vital part of children’s development and wellbeing.

Time outdoors presents children with a multitude of unique experiences, encouraging different skills from those learnt in the indoor environment. Natural areas provide children with new smells, textures, animals, and plants. Along with a chance to gain a new respect for the world we live in. We are thrilled with our new outdoor classroom as it offers free-flow play for the Sprinters all day every day.

Along with a chance to gain a new respect for the world we live in, outdoor play provides children with the opportunity to amaze and delight in every day at their own pace, alongside supportive adults who build upon children’s interests. There is never bad weather for playing outside at Plantos!


Outdoors children can play louder, bigger and messier, allowing for spontaneous uninterrupted learning.

Each experience is completely unique to the outdoors; resources are open ended offering a wider range of possibilities. Outdoors children discover, collaborate, take risks and move freely in the carefully thought out environments.

Practitioners embrace all weathers, teaching children about the unique seasons of the year and the many possibilities that come with different weather.

Enjoying the outdoors allows children to reconnect with the natural environment, giving opportunities to gain valuable new skills, through play-based, hands on learning.

Inspired by the Forest School approach and other theories into outdoor learning and play, sessions enable children to grow in confidence, work as a team and discover all the wonder that nature has to offer.

Outdoor Play