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Gold Plus Healthy Snack award

Plantos Nursery has been awarded the Gold Healthy Snack PLUS Award

We are pleased to announce that for the 16th year running, we have been awarded the Gold Healthy Snack Award.  This time it was an enhanced award of Gold PLUS!

We are super pleased about this achievement as it shows that we really think about the food we serve our children. We regularly look at the menu to see whether it can be improved or whether some dishes are more popular than others. We also ask our parents for feedback on which dishes they would like to see included.

The award includes ensuring the following:

  1. That we provide a healthy choice of snack daily
  2. That we offer milk or water to all children
  3. That our hygiene standards are always high – hand washing
  4. Serving hygienically
  5. A calm and social snack time

More recently we have introduced more lentils and vegetarian dishes to our menu and we continue to cater to everyone’s needs and allergies. Our qualified chef prepares delicious meals on site every day.

Plantos also has a level five food hygiene certification.

More information about the Gold Healthy Snack Award can be found on the local health board website:

Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award – Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (nhs.wales)