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The Latest Plantos Theme: Spring and Growing

It isn’t just Child’s Play!

Over the last few months, the children have learnt all about Spring and growing! As a team we aim to engage children’s learning around our topics and ensure where there is scope to progress and make further connections we follow them rather than putting a roof over it!

One area of learning was fruits and vegetables- Children have managed to learn about them by printing with them, cutting them, tasting them and even growing them.  The children have also been able to use them for colour recognition as well as size and counting.

When it came to growing, the children have had hands on experience with planting a range of vegetables at Plantos which they have been taking great care of in the back garden. They have been able to see the process of planting, growing and finally will taste the produce when they are ready! It has also encouraged the children to think about what we need to help make them grow and more importantly how they can help to make it happen.

Children preparing their grown strawberries for a smoothie.
Preparing a fresh smoothie
Children playing in edible "mud".
Playing in the edible “mud”!

Some of the younger children at Plantos have also planted sunflower seeds to take home. This has been a way to help include the Plantos parents too! It has been lovely to receive updates from parents and to see the growing sunflowers!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and as the weather has continued to improve, we have decided to focus on the topic of Summer going forward. May the good weather continue as well as the fun!