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The Office Plant

I have neglected the office plant over recent weeks. 

It didn’t have enough daylight and I wasn’t great at watering/feeding it. As a consequence it looks really sad, lacking in its usual vibrant green and has no zest.

I googled how to help it recover … light, water, take away the leaves that are no longer thriving and give it love!

During these winter months how many of us are just like my office plant? How many of us don’t get enough daylight, that all important vitamin D, we hide away in the darkness. Many decide to fly away for some winter sun, which is lovely. But you know just spending some time outside, even on a cloudy day can make all the difference. 

Just like I neglected the wellbeing of the plant, I can also neglect my wellbeing. The simple stuff around rest, letting go of unwanted worries or thoughts, being aware of how I feel and acting on things before they become too much.

As we go into a new month, let’s just reflect on our self care, how we ensure that we are looking after OUR wellbeing. The plant needed me to look after it, I need ME to look after MY wellbeing also. 

Be well.